Pet Odor Removal

Why Pet Odors Return

EverClean of Nashville offers dog urine and pet odor removal at the source! Pet urine is a problem of the pad and not the carpet. This means the visual pet urine stain is only the tip of the iceberg. Pet urine contains high levels of uric salt, which is why your urine stains and odors continue to return. Known as wicking, the salt re-evaporates from the pad to the surface on days of high precipitation. The moisture also allows the bacteria caused by the uric salt to continue to off-gas. Unfortunately dog urine and pet odor issues will continue the wicking cycle as the salt in the urine never dries unless significantly removed from the padding.

How to Remove Dog Urine and Pet Odor from Carpet

EverClean uses proven methods to help remove dog urine and pet odors. We first use special detection equipment to locate every problem area. We then use one of two methods for removal, or both if you choose. Our first method involves re-wetting old urine spots with a special detergent that turns urine salts back into liquid form. We then use powerful subsurface extraction tool to extract the detergent and loosened urine salts right out of your carpet and pad.  A second option is to inject special enzymes containing odor busting bacterial cultures into the carpet padding to break down odor causing bacteria. The enzyme solution also contains an odor modifier so your pet doesn’t recognize his potty spot again. Call us now to get your home smelling fresh again!

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